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Manufacturing of Industrial Electronic Devices Custom Made Solutions

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Manufacturing of SMD & PTH Boards

Our company has its own R&D office, design office, Software Development office, and two ultramodern production departments, one of which is equipped with an SMD assembly line and the other, focused on the PTH components assembly, is able to best support...

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Ptek srl manufactures a wide range of industrial, technologically advanced, high frequency battery chargers with and without PFC, suitable to solve all problems concerning the charging process of the leading batteries now available on the market, such as the traditional open Lead, Lithium, Gel, AGM, etc.

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About Us

http://osrodekpiszkowice.pl/?yued=opcje-binarne-vs-forex&a98=a0 PTEK srl has several years' experience of working with the major companies in the industry. The main focus of work is the study, design and production of industrial technologically advanced battery chargers rectifiers, equipped with specialist and dedicated software, and able to solve any problem concerning the charging process of all kinds of open lead, lithium, Gel, AGM, etc. batteries, as well as the design and production of electronic boards for applications in lighting technology and tapping beverages sectors.

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